Liquidation of the UFO

In the book «Liquidation of the UFO», the krasnoyarsk researcher Pavel Poluyan nominates and specifically proves a version of war-industry origin of «flying discs», based on the thorough analyze of the problem of the UFO. Pavel Poluyan proves that the explanation of their flight doesn`t need any exotic theory. The author of the book explains the princip, which is used by «flying disc» to create the carruing capacity: the difference of forces of any resistance, which occurs in uneven oscillation of cup-like and ellipsoidal forms in gaseous medium. This is the aerodynamic effect. It is shown, that during the UW frequences of vibratin and overless amplitudes there are oscillation of difference of forces of any air resistance enough for upward flight and movelment.

The author points out, that the repulsive power of induction, which occurs in the metal-plastic body of «flying disc» as a result of highfrequences variable electromagnetic fild, is used to create such a «motive vibration». On the basis of the stated princip the author explains the featurs UFO, the air luminescence around the vibrating body, the electric devices behaviour near the working sustem, etc.

Pavel Poluyan maintains that «flying discs» were created at the end of 40-th with the framework of military project as a great secret in the USA, and that numerrous UFO incidents in the United States that years were connected with the process of system`s examination and its usaga for military purposes. Using the information stated in the book of Dr. B.Maccabee (Brus Maccabee, Ph.D. «UFO FBI Connection. The Secret History of the Government`s Cover-Up», 2000, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383, USA.) the krasnoyarsk scientist analyzrs the elements of company misinformatin, which conducted secret service of the USA and is freele or not published by mass-media.

Pavel Poluyan says that the «UFO-mistery» is also known for militery engineers of Russia. The author in an exciting form tells how he attracted the attention of the public to this secret problem, using for that purpose newspapers and magazines of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk and also TV opportunities. There are also same facts, evidenced the opposition of the secret service, whom the author foced during the promulgation of his information. Pavel Poluyan asks the world community and public opinion to do the best to discredit «the greatest mystification of XX century» and to stop exploit the secret technology for wrong purposes. The author allows to use freely all the information written in the book to find the truth within the interest of benefit and mutually advantageous cooperation among the people.

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